It is not wrong that healthcare apps make our life easier and more convenient. Therefore after the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of health apps for making appointments and consulting to a doctor is becoming high. This is the reason that the healthcare sector is searching for the best healthcare app development company.

Well, it takes work to make an app on your own. In such a case, seeking a professional's help is a great idea. They will build a healthcare app per your demand that will help you serve the best to the patient.

But when you decide to build a healthcare app for your hospital, you should also take care of the features. Of course, features play an essential role in the success of the app. Henceforth, it is required to have the necessary and unique features of your healthcare app.

This blog will discuss the required features you need to add when deciding to build a healthcare app for your hospital.

Key Features A Healthcare App Must Have

As we mentioned, features ensure that your application is successful or not. Therefore, when deciding to opt for healthcare app development services, make sure you choose all the required features.

For your help, we mentioned a list of required features a healthcare app must have. So look out for the following features. 

Healthcare App Features for Patients

When deciding to build an app, you need to make sure that the patient panel has the following features:

  •  Easy registration and login

It allows the users to input their information for the appointment. The login feature in your healthcare app needs to be seamless to ensure a good user experience.

On the other hand, the login and registration feature help patients create their own profiles on the app and input any information they need.

It means it is a necessary feature a healthcare app must have. However, you need to seek the help of an on-demand app development company that is proficient in building such types of applications.

  •  Doctor profile lookup

Ensure that your app allows the patients to choose the doctor of their preference. A doctor profile lookup section is a must-have feature when building a healthcare app.

With the help of this function, patients can look up their credentials and choose the doctor they like on the basis of their experience or the reviews of other users. In order to make the features unique, you can also add additional features, such as geolocation, that can help connect with doctors in their vicinity on the basis of their location.

To make the process easier, you can hire dedicated developers with good experience and appropriate skill sets for this job.

  • Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is one of the essential features a healthcare app must have. Having appointment scheduling on the go through a healthcare app benefits both patients and healthcare practitioners.

Using it, patients can see the available slots for the appointment and book one that is convenient for them.

And once the physicians or admin approve the appointment, confirmation can be sent out to the users through the app, ensuring a seamless user experience.

So, your healthcare app must have this feature. You can contact a healthcare app development company to include this function in your application.

  • Reminders and notification

Push notification is an important feature that you should always incorporate in your healthcare app. It will help the patients to remember upcoming appointments and ensure that missed appointments are kept to a minimum.

Even medication reminders send out notifications to the patients at pre-set times. It means patients don't forget to take medicine. 

  • Doctor-patient communication

Secure and encrypted audio/video consultations between patients and providers are essential. So it is good to add a doctor-patient communication feature to your healthcare app. 

Through it, a patient can contact an expert, and the physicians can directly access the patient's records while having virtual consultations to access the patient's clinical history.

Thus, you should add this feature to your healthcare application. And to make the healthcare app development process more manageable, you can hire dedicated developers. 

Healthcare App Features for Doctor Panel

Unlike the patient panel doctor panel must have the following features:

  • Patient data collection

In order to serve the best patients, the app needs to collect and store the patients' data throughout their whole treatment cycle. Hence when deciding to build a healthcare app, include this feature. It will allow the doctors to keep an eye on the patient's progress and treat him accordingly.

  • Updates

Of course, doctors need to be updated with the developments in the industry and the news of the disease to help people.

Henceforth, a healthcare app should have features that track the changes and updates in the medical industry.

In order to include this feature in your application, get in touch with a reliable on-demand app development company that will assist you in every possible way.

  • Scheduling Appointments

Keeping track of appointments is an essential task for doctors, so digitally marking appointments with reminders can be a huge helping hand for doctors.

This is the reason that you should add this feature to your application. It will help the physician to keep a record of how many appointments they have.

  • Telehealth

This is another essential feature a healthcare app must have. This will be helpful for both the patient and the doctors. Doctors can come on video calls or chat with patients and give detailed opinions.

Even it helps to save time and increase productivity. Henceforth, it is advisable that your healthcare application must have this feature. 


In today's time, the demand for healthcare applications is becoming high. This is the reason that each hospital has its own application. 

But more than building an app is needed to serve the best patients. It also requires adding essential and unique features to your healthcare app.

It means when deciding to build a healthcare app, make sure that it has the essential features. For a better understanding, you can read this blog that will help you in choosing the right features for your application.